Settlers Of Panchgani

NO NO it’s not a copy paste of Aamir’s recent blog, I have just copied the title to bag more attention. Selfish me.

Amidst Sanath’s blazing hundred against the Chennai Super Kings I swapped the channel due to impatience and luckily/unluckily was on India TV when the breaking news broke..India TV is one of my favorite entertainment channel, yes guaranteed entertainment 24*7, and news in between. Well I will write more about India TV later, now lets come back to the topic ‘Settlers Of Panchgani’.

The breaking news was “Shahrukh mera Kutta hai” (Shahrukh is my dog). My first reaction was some one has kept his dog’s name as ‘Shahrukh’ and India TV with nothing else to show, has put it on air. I was about to change the channel to see whether Sanath has hit one more six but the next word caught my attention:- Aamir Says “Shahrukh mere talwe chaat raha hai” (Shahrukh is licking my feet),  I made it a point to check Aamir’s blog the first thing today morning(My morning starts at 12:30 PM).

I do not see any point in Aamir writing such nonsense (I accept my blog’s is nonsense123 and I too write nonsense, but my blog is not going to be aired on India TV anyways, so……).If he was enjoying himself with his mom, second wife and kids (brother missing??) playing the board game ‘Settlers of Catan’, why in the world he put so much attention to the Shahrukh the filthy dog who needs a bath?? Mind me  I had never heard of the board game, my knowledge of board games was limited to Ludo, Snake and ladders , Business, Chinese checkers and Chess.

Aamir do you remember how humbly SRK (the human one) accepted he is at second place after you? (He mischievously said that it is a compliment to you, that he is second best to you, and later said it’s was genuine mistake, it is a compliment to him to be second best to you, Hats off to your wits SRK). I just cannot wait for SRK’s comment, which I guess will take time as he is busy with Kya aap paanchvi paas se tej hai and IPL. 

PS: I do not hate Aamir Khan, neither am I a big SRK fan.


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