Who doesnt like ice creams and that too in hot summers.

Yesterday I was watching ‘Just for laugh:gags’ on pogo tv .(Yes I do watch Pogo and cartoon network).

They showed icecream on it. I resisted my tempetation but my wife could’nt, netiher could my parents.


So I went out at 11 PM in the night in search of ice cream.

11 PM pune… its near to impossible to find a shop open, but I was lucky.. I found one open close to my home.I bought 2 family packs.

Surprisingly I found 10 more people having ice cream there, 3 young couples, 2 elderly couples, I grandpa of a grandson(I am laughing with my english usage,”grandpa of a grandson”). 

Height of coincidence was when the Grandpa was cursing his luck, that the grandson saw icecream on POGO tv.

Coincidence at its best???


3 thoughts on “Icecream

  1. Good one:):)…
    Icecreams are always tempting..
    looking at the pic..even i feel like having one today..
    luckily i have a pack at home…will finish it off…he he he he he

  2. hehe too good…..i too watch pogo and cartoon netwrok….but am missing them here, in UK CN has become more of a fights nija turtles pokemon etc mummyy….though there are few good 🙂

    Sharad: 🙂 njy UK CN for time being 🙂

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