Sunday Matinee Show – Mangla Multiplex – walking distance from my Home.

Ticket Rs 80 per head. MY rating 1*


Amitabh Bacchan in and as Bhootnath

Juhi Chawla

Satish Shah

Rajpal Yadav

Aman Siddiqui


and in special guest appearance

Shahrukh Khan

 The movie is not for children, in fact it is a childish movie.

The director lacks vision, not sure what he was trying to tell us with this movie.

Amitabh Bachhan was OK; not at all scary (he was not supposed to be also)

Aman Siddiqui- well when you have got kids like Darsheel on the block you need to perform too good, not going to get any nominations in the Best actor category.

Juhi was at her kurkure best (She just can’t have one, OOPS wrong endorsement??)

Satish Shah and Rajpal Yadav, both nice actors were wasted.

Priyanshu did well in his cameo.

SRK well, why he has to do such films, stick with KJo, SRK.

Vishal Sekhar music was not at all good, only “banku Bhaiya” could be considered ok.

Background score was not good also, very very poor screenplay.

The first half of the movie was well paced, but I don’t know why people were laughing at things which were not at all humorous, may be they were laughing on themselves, to have come to see a movie like this.

No Logic, No sense, in one scene Amitji scares the kid and he falls off the stairs, Amitji being a bhoot could not get hold of him as the child’s hand went straight through Amitji’s, but in the very next scene he is holding the kids hand and crying. The first half is bhootnath and the second is Bhagbaan, no not again…

Second half takes you too an entirely different world.l

I can’t write any worse than this. I do no want to write about this movie at all.

Worth Mentioning: My parents caught a good one and half hour sleep, until I woke them up to tell the movie is over.

MY recommendation: DO NOT WATCH



3 thoughts on “Bhootnath

  1. I would like to rate it 2 and Half, being not too critical , I liked the movie… because second half I could resemble with myself…Being alone here and sending money to parents , but it is not the only thing ur parents would expect from you..they realy need your presence in their life ( this was the message I could find at the end of the movie )

  2. “My parents caught a good one and half hour sleep, until I woke them up to tell the movie is over.”… I liked the movie so much..Especially towards the didn’t like this average ‘horror’ movie..Did you watch Phooooooooooooonk…a good joke,go watch it..

    Sharad: Horro movie??? ?? ?? I thought they were comedies went wrong 😛

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