Pune rickshaws

Though Rickshaw literally means ‘A small two-wheeled cart for one passenger; pulled by one person’, but this term is widely used and accepted all over India for 3 wheeled motor vehicle meant for 3 passengers(I say meant for, because I myself have travelled with 7 of my room mates in a rickshaw at Hyderabad). 

Pune Auto rickshaws are also 3 wheeled motor vehicle, having a capacity to carry 3 persons (it can carry as many you want, rate 10 rs per person above the 3), the only difference about is it’s driven by monsters who look like humans.

My terrible experience started the day I arrived in Pune, I had to go to my company guest house situated at Shivaji Nagar opp COEP( College of Engineering, Pune).I had considerable amount of luggage with me. The place was hardly 3 kms away from the Pune Railway Station, so the actual amount I should be paying him would be 30 Rs( 1.5 times the rate because it was past 11pm), but to my surprise no one was willing to go, and when one at last one agreed he demanded an exorbitant sum of 170 rs(I don’t know what calculation he did to reach this figure, or he simply uttered whatever first came to his mind), I had no option, I bargained and finally he agreed to take me for 100 rs.

The first thing the autowalas will say when you will ask whether they will go to a certain place is “NO”. I guess rickshaws are meant for going to place people ask, unless they have a very special reason not to go. The laziest autowalas in the world. You can put a FIR in the nearest police station, if any autowalas refuses you to take you to your destination, according to law, but who will take the pain to complain? They will not answer you between 2 PM to 4 PM as it’s their siesta time, and rest of the times you will get NO. If at all they agree to come they will ask for amount which is obviously more than what should be according to the meter.

The only thing I like about Pune auto rickshaws is the one liners they carry.. Truly amazing. I am putting down one for you.   




2 thoughts on “Pune rickshaws

  1. I don’t know about Pune Auto, but for sure I know about HYD autowalas, They live like kings because They use the Auto to go where they want not where you want. As you can see the respect they are seeking for ( in the pucture u can see )
    There is one more similarity I could identify between the HYderabad and Pune Autowala is the No. of passenger they can carry. Once we were 11 passangers in one Auto :-).

  2. I think all the Autowallah in all cities go to smae training institute..where they are trained to harass passengers (few exceptions are there)correctly said, they will never agree to come where we want to go, they will demand the fare and not go with meter (Mumbai autos are exception for this)The worst is bangalore and chennai autowallahs, if you are and outsider,they can throw you down anytime in between before you reach destinations, and speak some nasty (which obviously you dont understand)without any good reason…

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