The Tashan

Sunday Matinee Show – Mangla Multiplex – walking distance from my Home.

Ticket Rs 80 per head. MY rating 2*

The Tashan


The Anil Kapoor

The Akshay Kumar

The Saif Ali Khan &

The Kareena Kapoor.

You must be amazed as why am I adding ‘the’ to every name? Have I lost my sense? Or my English is as such poor?

The simple reason is this is the way the titles are done in the movie; I didn’t like the titling itself.

Anil Kapoor acted ok in the negative role, but his Hinglish doesn’t make u laugh all the time.

Akshay kumar is good for Bacchan Pandey, although vulgar at times, could have done better.

Saif Ali khan can’t do better. Kareena…I have started liking her from ‘Jab we met’, she has done pretty well too and yes to sport that green bikini, one has to lose oodles of weight, and she is looking hot.

Music of Vishal Sekhar does not impress me.

Special effects, well guys Yash Raj banner, year 2008, come on… We are not into 90’s anymore, poor by all means.

How come u got a motor boat amidst the Lanka of bhaiyaaji(Anil Kapoor). He gets a transformer too in his…Akshay don’t die even after constantly touching naked electric wire when he falls in love with gudia…Akshayy, saif and kareena miraculously survives the bomb blast(our soldiers have something to learn)…all this can happen only in Indian movies

Even if it had thousand goods, how will a movie survive if it doesn’t have any story…

The two best thing about the movie, Ibrahim Saif Ali Khan… the cute kid of Saif Ali khan who is making his debut and Kareena in that green bikini.

MY recommendation: Watch at your own risk.


4 thoughts on “The Tashan

  1. Well, review is quite an eye-opener……….thanks to Mr. sharad Bapat for saving my 100 odd Rs…….I don’t understandy our professional film critics can’t provide a true picture about big banner movies.

  2. Ohh my god,,the most pathetic movie i saw in 2008 (although Akki is my fav dude)Dont know why producers and director make such kinda movie…

  3. No offense meant,but it was the most stupid movie released lately..Cowboy style and lot of nonunderstandable…

    Sharad: 😆 whom are u offending?? not me.. go ahead and say what u want 😛

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