Sweet corn turned sour

I went to a shopping expo recently, after all the window shopping; I went to my favorite place at such type of expo’s, ‘the food joint’. My wife wanted some sweet corns… I went to the shop asked him to give me one, that moment a lady came from behind… I saw the look into her eyes, when she was literally ogling at the corns. But instead of asking for it, she asked the vendor.. How much?? At that time I realized I forgot to ask him the cost, the vendor said 20 rs, and to my amusement, the lady looking at the two kids that were holding her hand, went away nothing but with sadness on her face. I wished I could buy all three of them some corn, but by then they have disappeared into thin air.

I couldn’t eat the corn I bought; I spent sleepless night thinking about the incident (many of you would laugh on it). I seriously thought how many people didn’t get, what they wish, when they can have it too, only for the sake of their family members. I remembered the Max New York life insurance ad recently aired on television, the guy always sacrifice what he wishes, first for wife then for kids..

I know I cannot or rather I will not stop eating corn, but surely I will think about the lady and her two kids.


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