Indian Fantasy League

Cricket just doesn’t seem to go out of my mind.

Great initiative by Airtel in association with Color Plus, the Indian Fantasy League ( ).

Now you can have your own team like SRK’s and Ambani’s. Pick up a set of 16 players from 650 credits available. Manage your team 11 daily, on basis of matches to be played that day and depending upon the performance of the players in your team you earn points. One has to be very wise in selecting the 16 players and of course the daily team 11. Keep yourself abreast with the latest developments, news because you can find most of your players injures, out of team or not arrived due to one reason or another.

There are lots and lots of prizes to be won.

Currently I am struggling with 344 points and rank in 40k, as few of my players are injured and a few playing their domestic league or for their national side.

The fantasy league has created a competition here in my office as well, everyone in my team(I mean my project team in office) has created his own team, so apart from the 8 teams competing we have another set of 15 teams competing among ourselves, not to forget 1000 more on internet. The rivalry is going and the rewards are very high.

So what are you waiting for…? Go register yourself and select a team of yours…start competing


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