My friend’s Helmet

On his 22nd Birthday, me and my roommate, gifted a sporty,trendy helmet to our friend.(He had recently bought a bajaj pulsar 180cc, and he is a reckless driver) .

I got transferred from Chennai to Pune, and this friend of mine came on his new bike and ofcourse with his new helmet, to bid me a farewell.Unfortunately he forgot his helmet in the train.

I realized that he has left the helmet and I called him up to tell him fo his misfortune, he said give it to some vendor on the Platform, but by then the train had started moving. I was still talking to the friend on my mobile, and his common sense asked me to drop the helmet on the platform. I did it.

Unfortunately the footboard communters and other persons on the platform thought I have dropped the helmet by mistake, they picked it up and gave to person standing on the door of the last boggie.

By then the train has caught enough speed, I shouted on top of my voice that drop the helmet, but to no avail(the guy didnt knew Hindi or English, I met him later in the train). I used sign languauge and thank goodness he understood that and he threw it back on the platform and in blink of eye, the platform and helmet were to be seen nowhere.

The story didnt end here, my friends misfortune continued, the helmet was picked up by some people and they demanded the proof that helmet was his, he fought with them… and won too but only after paying a sum of 250 rs.


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