My first post


I am back to blogging..after a long gap of one I am on WordPress..

My first post..hmm.. ok I will write about something that is exciting as buzzing and is new… new to the world like my blog…IPL


I was not at all surprised when IPL was first announced by Lalit Modi as an answer to rebel ICL.

Although I didn’t really liked the way players were auctioned and the money that was brought into it.I always thought of it as purely in interest of the game.

But when players fought with their respective cricket board to let them play into IPL, I was really disappointed. It showed how money took precedence over nation.

Then there was the issue with Press on the kind of rights IPL commissionar(read Dictator) Lalit Modi denied them of.

Bollywood altast officially got married to Indian cricket when King Khan and Pretty Preity Zinta took over two surprises Brett Lee was in Preity’s team.

Teams were named, songs were on air..everybody was trying to allure the cricket loving Indian crowd.

Finally D day came, the inaugural ceremony was grand success, people were dying to see their heros I dont mean SRK or Preity… Sharad pawar got a boo from the crowd for taking their precious time.The largest applaud was not for the local boy Dravid or for the costliest player Dhoni but for the God of Indian Cricket ‘Sachin Tendulkar’.Crowd still loves him.After months of hype, excitement, controversy and speculation the high-profile Indian Premier League kicked off in Bangalore with the Royal Challengers hosting the Kolkata Knight Riders.

Fans from all around the world  zoomed in to see players who have squared off on the international level come together to try and trump others, and many, will follow with bated breath. Not since Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket has an event so divided and stirred up the fraternity. It might be too much for a traditionalist but against the backdrop of a cricket-crazy host country, and with plenty of huge names involved, there’s little going against the lucrative tournament.



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